Dreams of a Young Heart

I could feel the ecstasy in his eyes as he went on telling us about his crazy trip to South.  The ZNMD moment can be of anyone’s.  I was imagining a group of ageless chaps cracking jokes, laughing on the lamest ones and fighting over who won the carom. His toothless smile grew bigger when he revealed me his plan of going to Malaysia with his friends. To be honest, I was stunned!

At the age of 77, when a lot of people believe in sitting back and spending the last phase of their lives to nothingness, my grandfather is a man of exuberance.  He is always on the go and constantly exploring new arenas of life. His love for travel glistened in his words as he spoke of the beautiful places he visited and of the pictures he clicked.

Life might not throw you a lavish start, you might not be able to do so much or be someone. You could feel crumbled or suffocated under the ties of life ordinance. But from where I see, life is kind at one point. You do get the fruits of your bearance. My grandfather might not have been able to afford to even dream of going places, but today, he is living those. And moreover, he is not dependent to fulfill his dreams. He is sailing his own boat with pride.

I think the idea is to never give up on the dreams, thinking it’s perhaps too late. The zest of fulfilling them should be alive till your last breath. After all, humans need a purpose to thrive. I read about a man somewhere who was afraid to fulfill his dream for the fear of losing the purpose to live on. On the contrary, I believe fulfilling a dream makes you all the more excited and open to work for the next one.

The conversation with him left me with a smile and many thoughts to rumble on. I always say we can find inspiration anywhere but I guess we can find lessons too. When my grandfather can look forward to live each day of his life in high spirits, why do we in our 2o’s often give up feeling dull and dry?  It’s a LONG journey from where we are today. Who knows which oasis or which island is your home tomorrow..

                         “The idea is to die young as late as possible”

Photo Credits- Shivani Baghel

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  1. nivedita baghel says:

    Awesome 🙂


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