Don’t Quit, yet!

“Often the goal is nearer than it seems to a faint and feathering man

Often the struggler has given up

When he might have captured the victor’s cup

And he learned too late,

When the night slips down

How close was he to the golden crown. “

Trying times are like cloudy days.

They make you feel frustrated, vulnerable and off. They seem to be the longest phases. They cling to you like leeches; slowly sucking out your sanguine spirit. They test your patience and you run out of it.

You know eventually the clouds will ebb away and sun will shine. Only that it seems to never happen. You are trying to float clutching onto your last breath of faith.

Slowly, you start giving in.

You start loosening the ties of your spirit and unleash the burden of monotony and conformity of this world. You no more can bear to hold the sanguine spirit of your dreams.

You let yourself absorb into the world of practicality and reality. Pinch yourself dear. You are letting it slip by. You are almost there. You are quitting.


The world is unfair. I accepted it long back. It’s not everywhere you find equal opportunities and compassionate souls.

People will be cold hearted, unable to understand where you stand and why. They might not be even accepting. They might not consider your existence too.

But, is that a reason enough to quit on what you built in years of introspection and moments of eureka?

It’s often said that success is failure turned inside out.

We have doubts and inhibitions but we really never know how close we are to the victor’s cup. Apparently, most of the time we are not able to figure out what is our victory cup.

May be, the universe is conspiring us to seize the silver lining in the cloud. May be, we are looking in the wrong way. May be this cloudy day has a reason to stay.

Or neither of this could be true. Simply, we need to give it some time to unfold.

“Sometimes is not always, and sometimes is not forever.”

Sometimes the best comes only when you hit the hardest, when it seems impossible and when you just can’t stop yourself from muttering, “what if.. I should have.. I think they’re right. I should quit”.

As our time honored Mr. Shakespeare says, “If winter is here, can spring be far behind?”

So, hold on to it a bit more tightly and a bit longer. Don’t give up just yet. It’s the final lag.

What bad can happen? You will fail, only to rise again somewhere else. You will at least know what DOES NOT work for you.

But quitting would be worse- all the more when it is not driven by your own conscience but by society’s fallacious norms.

I am not trying to act preachy but writing is a therapy to me. It makes me preach myself all the more. So this article was more of a self help.  And if it did push you harder when you were about to give up-I hope it did- then I can’t be happier any more!

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  1. Akanksha Sinha says:

    This was something really amazing. Helped a lot.
    Your writings are wonderful.
    Gives a perfect idea about everything 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Wow, that’s motivating! Thank youuu 🙂


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