June Favorites

Starting from today, I plan on to do every month’s favorites. The core of blogging is sharing, so I think this way we get to learn from each other’s recommendations. I have got to know about so many fabulous things through this way.

Also, Barrfi is not a genre specific blog. So it gives me a lot of freedom to post on different things which make my life happier and easier.

Following are few of my favorites’ this month. They made my blue June a lot more vivid. Let me know what are yours!

  1. The Journey App– Journey app is one of the journal writing applications. It’s not very fancy but is definitely basic and on point. Its simplicity is its USP. You can scribble down your thoughts all day long and it will automatically save to the date. You can sync with Google Drive, share on social media, make photo/video/calendar entries. There are everyday Inspiration quotes too (Fav!).
    I can’t emphasis much on how important journaling is. It really doesn’t matter if you are a writer or not. Journal writing gives you a direction and helps you reflect your life progress at the end of the day. This is especially true when you are travelling and your mind is stirring some nirvana provoking thoughts (I know you all are Dalai Lama on mountains!). Writing can act like positive affirmations on paper. I have zillion of thoughts rambling in my head and carrying a diary always is not feasible enough. This app has become a major thing in my morning routine.
Find JourneyApp here- https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.journey.app&hl=e
  1. The Alchemist by Paulo CoelhoI cannot believe I did not read this book until now. The Alchemist has so many revelations about human psychology and how we continue to live in fear. We abandon love and dreams to be caught up in monotony and the fear of failing in the pursuit of happiness. It personally gave me a lot of answers to the questions I had no one to ask. I think I need to read this many more times before I pass it on. It is a book to be passed on.
    More interestingly, it unfolds the story through the eyes of a young, curious boy. His thirst for treasure makes you feel like you are almost there in the sweltering desert yearning for an oasis. A must read for everyone who believes in dreams and listen to their heart. If you don’t, well, after reading this one you will!

    Find The Alchemist here- http://www.amazon.in/The-Alchemist-Paulo-Coelho/dp/81722349883.
  2. Fantasy by Alina Baraz – I recently discovered her on Sound cloud and Damn, she’s so amazing. Her collaboration with Galimatias creates this unique electronic genre with delightful vocals. Although all her tracks are sublime – Drift, Pretty Thoughts amongst others, Fantasy has its own aura. It takes me to another world, free of all worries underneath the palm trees. Soulful is the word. Just close your eyes and you’ll be on a different planet.

    Find Fantasy here- https://soundcloud.com/alinabaraz/alina-baraz-galimatias-fantasy-1

4Malavara Lime Vetiver Shower Gel & Lotion – I hope I’m entitled to include some crazy favorites too, ‘Cause this one got me hook like crazy! I got this in one of my Fab Bags and it has become my all time favorite. It’s organic and is free of SLS and Paraben. A little works for long. I bet the fresh lemon scent of it can make even the most banal personalities go exotic! It’s refreshing and so tropical.  

Find Malavara here- http://www.fabbag.com/malavara-body-lotion.html

5. Tan Leather Backpack– I am a lover of all things tan. This classic backpack is so subtle yet funky. I can pair it with casual denims as well as semi-formal nudes. Moreover, its spacious and looks SO good. Yay to Koovs!                                                                                                                                                                                          DSC_0982_edited_editedDSC_0969_edited


6. Smoothie Factory– How can a gourmand like me skip a food favourite? Smoothie Factory had me for one of those impulsive visits but boy, it surprised me. Although initially opened at Nehru Place, it now runs only two outlets- Janpath and SDA. There’s nothing fancy about the ambience, just a chilled out American cafe. But it’s one of the few health and wellness cafe serving real fruit juices, smoothies and yogurt in Delhi. The food was pretty average but the Berry smoothies were a stealer. They taste fresh, real and do not make me feel guilty. Though I am yet to try their popular Red Velvet Yogurt, I am glad my fruity cravings have one stop finally!

These were few of my June favorites. What are yours?

…Off to dig out some July favorites till next time!

Photography credits- Shivani Baghel

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Bisman Kaur says:

    Amazing writing ! Thought provoking! Will definitely look into the things you mentioned!


  2. Thank you so much bisman!
    Do try and let me know how do you like it 🙂


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