Why It’s Absolutely Sane For Us To Dream

So you wanted to do Designing? And you’re doing MBA. Why? Because your parents asked you to? Oh, Sunita Aunty’s son is an IIM alumni.

I get it, NOT!

I am at the stage of my life when I am realizing how important it is to take the right decisions at the right time. Moreover, how important it is to finally take ownership.

Our heart always knows what we want.

It’s the society which alters our perceptions and beliefs. We compare, analyze and try to fit in the logic. But in the end we miserably fail at it. I regret few of my decisions- only to say I wish I had followed my heart.

I wish I had the courage.

We are engulfed by the fear of failure since the time being. We are taught to play safe.

Where does this fear come from?

Can we blame our parents for it?

Not entirely. I came up with this very interesting concept while talking to my parents the other day. We are always at war in concern to the different things we want from life. Stability vs Novelty, Money vs Fulfillment, Play It Safe vs Take A Risk, and various other differences.

You know right how your dad walked miles to school, studied in lanterns, had a single pair of shoe and never celebrated their birthdays? Of course you do. With absolute gratitude and respect, here I present my case. (TRUE STORY!)

“They say experience is invaluable. True that, but only sometimes. More less now that times and centuries are transcending over. We are in the 21st century. You have thrived in the century of poverty. 30 years back, India was fighting with poverty, hunger, famines, and droughts. Your previous generation has learnt to fight, survive and find stability. Do you remember Maslow’s Theory? If a being’s physiological and safety needs are not satisfied how will they even think about high ranking needs of self actualization? We are indeed the fortunate ones to exist in the upper crest of Maslow’s triangle. Our physiological, safety and social needs have been satisfied in our growing years. Why is it then not obvious for us to look beyond the clich├ęd and seek self actualization? We have zillions of ideas buzzing all day. We are so excited and passionate about imagining things we would want to create and change this world. We really do want to change this world. All of us want to. I don’t think your generation even thought about it. And it’s perfectly legit on your part not to. But when we have got the opportunity to adventure into novelty, take risks and feel fulfilled, WHY SHOULD WE NOT? WHY IS IT WRONG? “

Why does our society judge our choices? They are choices for a reason.

Why ‘Engineering’ or ‘Medical’ is the ultimate choice of intelligence?

Why Delhi University is the ultimate choice of achievement?

Why working in a corporate giant is the ultimate choice of success?

Why getting married at the “right age” is the ultimate choice of fulfillment?

With no intention to sound like Vogue’s campaign, it is definitely MY CHOICE.

The fallacious stereotypes of defining success, achievement, intelligence need major alterations. India will have the highest number of human capital in the next five years. We have an oasis of opportunities EVERYWHERE.

Let’s not make a skewed graph and miss out on them.

Narayan Murthy asked a very thoughtful question in one of his recent interviews, “In 31 years, why there has been no earth shaking invention by any Indian?” I think we know the answer now. We have been playing it too safe for a while.

Now if you say you love your parents too much to disobey their wish, I’d like to ask you a question.

10 years later, when you are struggling in your cubicle to meet the deadlines while your best friend from school is making his own deadline, I hope you won’t say this to your parents, “If only I didn’t listen to you!”

Trust me because, THIS will hurt them.

If you find out what you love today, make them believe on your belief, they will never say a NO. They love you too much for that. You need to take ownership. I am glad I did it.
Who else is stopping you? Your best friends at these stereotypes places? Sunita Aunty? Sunita Aunty’s son? If they are, I think you deserve to struggle at that corner cubicle on a Saturday Night.

DISCLAIMER- It will not be easy. Trust me, It’s one hell of a ride. But if you love it, I am sure the ride is worth it!

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