When In Water, Find Your Own Island

When you are 5 years old, you struggle with your alphabets. Thankfully, you have your Mum to help you. When you are 11, you struggle with your friendship bands. Thankfully, you have your sister with you.

When you are 17, you struggle with your car lessons. Thankfully, dad is here. When you are 20, you struggle with a naive heart break. Thankfully, your best friend is with you.

But as you grow old, you find life getting hard, complicated and almost like a web of happy-sad days coiled together.

You wonder if being the spider there in the middle of it makes you a king or a tyrant.

Struggles become an integral part of every single day. Be it the dripping smoothie on your shirt, or the failure of finding a meaningful job. You have your own struggles and you wonder if there’d still be someone to help you.

Okay, at least be there with you.

And if you have anyone, you wonder why not others? You expect and then you feel disappointed and then you feel, ”another struggle”.

In fact, sometimes, we grow up to become such wise, sensitive souls that we want to be part of other’s struggles too.

And when we don’t get a chance, we, again feel disappointed. We feel distanced, unloved and unrespected.

And then the little wounded voice asks you to be your own hero.

Maybe, everybody is too busy to save themselves.

And then you go on to be on your own. You choose to become the King Spider and weed out the struggles. Now, you kind of feel fulfilled.

Then one fine happy morning, you think to yourself.

Would I be feeling this way had I not carve out my own way? Would I be feeling this fulfilled had I not been my own hero?

And then you wonder wouldn’t you want to them to have their own story, be their own hero and win their own struggles?

Yes, Yes, Yes. My brain cells screamed out loud.

No matter how much we crave human reassurance and comfort, we need to fight our own struggles individually.

It’s what makes us- whole and complete.

Give yourself the freedom to feel the fear and pain when in neck-deep water. Only then will you find a way to fight off the sharks.

Trust me, the island will be much more beautiful when you see it as your own discovery!


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