The Only Person You Need Permission From

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So I watched Ranbir Kapoor starrer #Tamasha. I know I must be the last person to do it but I’m glad I did finally! I think it’s one of the most real-ist movies made in Bollywood. We all have either Ved or Tara in us. I ditched to be Ved two years back.
I remember this conversation with my Dad when I told him I don’t want to do MBA. It’s not like I cannot but I knew I would never love a moment of it. Three years of college showed me how painful it is to pour your efforts into something you don’t comprehend. I know the world is cruel and money is all we need to make it survive. But survival is not living. Just living is not thriving.

As Ved said, we all can be the best in one place – in that only one place.

I am so so grateful for my dad to give me a chance to be my best. And while I am still figuring out the best, I know in my heart that I will be the best. I don’t want to just survive, I want to thrive.

More often it’s not our parents who stop us, it’s us who never ask them. Who never tell them what we want. Maybe because we never asked ourselves in the first place. Just like Ved who was searching for answers everywhere but within himself.



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