Because My Heart Is Into It, So I Will Stay

It’s pretty easy and tempting to f*ck it and leave.

But if anything else, it’s cowardly too.

I do not know why exactly we choose to stay. Nobody gives us a guarantee seal ever. Nobody makes us promises.

In fact, a lot of them say that we’ll be cheated, walked on and our dreams will just be that – dreams.

To approve their claims, our trust and hearts are broken too many times by choices we make and fear we create.

Still we stand brazen enough to not give up and rather stay?

We don’t have a destined date. We have no answers to when and how.

Yet, with crossed fingers we refuse to let go of the only thing holding us back- hope.

Because, maybe the truth is, we give up only when we want to.

There’s nothing cowardly about giving up – if that’s the only thing our hearts want. Again, without really any reason or guarantees.

But if our hearts are not yet ready, we should let ourselves be.

We should let us soak in the discomforts and confront the obstacles, in this moment and this journey.

We should allow our daily lives to give us pleasure in the making.

If there’s one thing we need not do, it is run away.

Let’s stay, if that’s where all our Q&A’s circle back to. Let’s stay, if this is what is keeping us going.

Let not tainted reasons play with the calling of our hearts.

The thing is – there’s not even a choice when we listen to our hearts.

Because, we may not know what might happen – or not happen – but we do know that if we run away, we’ll regret it.

Lessons are repeated till they’re learnt.

So, this time, I do not know where I am heading or if it’s even right or wrong.

But I know this is exactly what my heart wants. Doing whatever I am, in this moment, is making me happy. So, I’ll stay.

I’ll stay and continue onto this path, deriving pleasure from every moment, as long as my heart is into it.

The day my heart doesn’t keep me going and the fire of hope extinguishes, I’ll know it’s time.

It’ll be the time to leave.

But till then, let me be. Let me stay where my heart belongs.



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