Discovering The Art Of Devouring An Orange

Hold it in your palms

As you watch it promising you

A good escape. 

Crack and scrape its hard shell

only as little as to give you

a sneak of the pulpy joy

You’re going to witness.

Sniff the lingering citric scent

And smile as you inhale it deeply.

Unravel it slowly

As you take pauses to

sniff it’s glorious fragrance.

Burst open the buds

And separate them

from their tattered threads.

Linger your touch to all of them

Till you finally choose to

Pick one.

I know you wouldn’t pause

This one time.

So go ahead, dive into it. 

But now as you pick another one,

Don’t repeat.

Marvel it.

Marvel it, before you gulp it down

In haste.

Hold it in front of the peeking sunshine

As you watch over its details for the first time.

Be surprised by its elements.

Be in awe of its colour.

Notice its tiny buds of pulpy juices

strategically placed underneath

the delicate transparent lining,

often interrupted by fibre threads.

Bite into it, as you taste

half of its sweetness in your mouth

and half onto your fingers.

Don’t reach out for napkins.

Let the juices drip,

Through your fingers to your wrist,

Through your lips to your chin.

Now, repeat.


Experience every piece

explode in your mouth

with a symphony of sweet and sour.

Give each a time of its own.

Devour every bit of it,

relish every moment of it.

Feel the texture,

The fibre,

The pulp

and the scent –

all creating a cosmic cocktail

just for your taste buds.


Repeat till you’re done with all.

And then, hold the tattered peel

to see it sprinkle showers

as you pinch it in joyful glee.

For one last time,

Sniff  the glorious scent.

And then, quietly hear your heart


This is called mindfulness. Mindful eating. Core of meditation. Bliss.

I have been practising mindful eating for my breakfast since quite some time. Honestly, those few extra minutes completely change the energy of my day. This was exactly how I discovered the art of devouring an orange. 

Spare 12 minutes to eat an orange- you’ll know what I am talking about.

Hope you won’t have orange the same, next time! 


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