Dreamers & Realists

modern family

A Sun doesn’t need another Sun. A right-hand doesn’t need another right.

Only light can drive away the dark. Only dark can let the light shine.

A realist and a dreamer meet at the bridge of manifestation. This is the bridge of miracle. This is where vision meets action. This is exactly where dreams turn into reality.

We all have a masculine and a feminine energy within us. Our logical, rational side is masculine and our intuitive, emotional side is feminine. Most of our lives, we remain one of the two, until we learn to come in balance.

And when we do, this is when the realist and the dreamer in us meet to manifest the life of our dreams.

Now you know why opposites attract?

Because they need to. 

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  1. niks01 says:

    What if they do not find that balance?
    Dreamer & realist are meant to collide at some point?


    1. We work on ourselves throughout our lives to get that balance. Like if you feel you are a masculine energy, try inculcating more compassionate and nurturing activities in your life. If you’re a feminine, try opposite. It’s a very vast topic. Google it, but I’ll do something on it in future 🙂 As for people outside, I believe we do attract opposite energies most of the time.


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