An Exercise To Change Your Focus

We all have these really cool ideas waiting to be worked on and bam, be a success.
But usually, and mostly, they drift off in the clouds of daydream when the sun sets in.
I don’t know about you but I usually have at least five awesome ideas everyday. The best of the best ones are out in the world built into reality when someone picked them up while I couldn’t gather the courage to.

Here is the thing with ideas; they are really pricey.

They’ll spot you from afar. They will come to you, flirt with you and will try their best to make you feel passionate enough to work for them.
But boy, if you act all caught up and miss them, they will go to someone else. And so, that tinge of jealousy you feel when you see YOUR idea becoming the trophy of someone else, know that you chose it.
And so, it’s always the excuses and fears we feed into ourselves.
” I don’t have this, I don’t have that. I could if only I had that.”

Get up.

Ask yourself on a paper “What All Do I Have?”
Make a list.
Make sure you acknowledge and honor everything – right from a WiFi connection to the food on your table to your talent and your confidence.
I did it and I was shocked to discover a full page list.
And then I asked myself, “Isn’t this enough to do what you want?”
Trust me, I did not have the guts to say NO.

Change your Focus.

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