A Perspective To Change How You See Competitors

We are not competitors, We are facilitators

Ever since we were sent to school, we have been pushed to see each other as competitors who will take away the first ranking in our class.  Little did we know, in this school of life, there’s a trophy for everyone.

The thing is, we have been conditioned to live in adversity.

We have been conditioned to believe that there’s ‘not enough’ for everyone. With a colonial history of more than two hundred years followed by more years of scarcity and poverty, we cannot blame anyone to have it engrained in our genetics.

And so it is engrained to fight, snatch away and struggle to fill our stomach.

But times have changed. And it’s time we change our perspective too.

There is enough for everyone. There can be enough for everyone. We can make it enough.

Our ultimate reaction to see someone flourish is to feel ourselves deprived. There’s a feeling of that first ranking been taken away when we spot a snazzy travel Instablog, a dreamy relationship we would like to call #Goals or even a Facebook update of someone bagging an envious job. But the truth is, nothing is taken away and given to someone else.

We are not competitors, we are facilitators. 

Every new idea, business and service in the market is serving a purpose to fulfill a need of ours. Their growth is our growth. Instead of seeing them ‘take away’ something, see how can they give you something. See how are they facilitating your idea.  See how can you collaborate with them. See how their market or their audience gives you an opportunity to expand yours. And if still nothing, just see how they are inspiring you to hustle harder.

See them as help, not threat.

It’s a simple national algorithm. As more people grow, more they produce. The more they produce, the more opportunities they create. The more opportunities they create, the more the nation grows, the more we all grow. It becomes an expansive cyclical process.

This perspective doesn’t solely impacts action in our professional lives, but also paves way for self-development as we become more secure, more open and much more motivated and inspired.

Share, inspire, grow.

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