That One Thing I Do When I Just CANNOT Work + Review

+While I may realize this today, but I guess I have been doing this ever since I was in school.

So there are days when you have procrastinated enough and deadline is standing right on your doorstep and if only it just makes your heart race faster and your brain goes numb leaving you in an absolute ridiculous trance.  It’s pretty ridiculous because you have an exam/presentation/submission the next day and all you can do is throw your hands in the air and say, “DUDE, I CAN’T DO THIS. F*ck it! I am not doing it.”

And deep down we know, we can, but then, IT’S NOT HAPPENING!

This was exactly the point when I used to get up and hop onto another room or a balcony.

BOOM! Everything changes.


It’s scientifically proven that our environment affects our creativity and productivity. Most of the times, we start thinking we hate our jobs when all we really need is to perhaps continuing doing the same work in just a different environment.

It’s called stimulating change.

When we change the place we work at, our senses get stimulated and more alert as compared to our mundane environments where our brain cells felt lethargy and boredom. So now that we are in a brand new space with new faces and new energy, we don’t just feel an upsurge in our energies, but we also come out of our comfort zone. This causes us to be more alert, inspired, open and of course, more productive.

So next time, head out to just a different space when your stubborn heart is not letting the fuel burning.

Several studies have shown evidence how productivity shoots up in a co habited space like a cafe.  The strong essence of cocoa,  the bustling coffee machines,  the soft murmurs of people around,  along with the contagious energy of people working around gives a boost to our system, leading us to produce more.

As for me,  I happened to come across a brilliant concept by myHQ while I was working in my cubicle-style office. One of the biggest motivations to become a writer was my romantic idea of sitting in a cafe, sip tea, get inspired and write. Unfortunately, in the real world, I found myself in a cubicle.

myHQ believes in utilizing vacant spaces across the city for freelancers, entrepreneurs or even someone like you and me who cannot seem to get their adrenaline rushing on a boring day. Talking of the change, with a single pass you can go to any of their varied listed cafes/work lounges in New Delhi. I loved the concept considering routine wears me out and a new place once in a while really changes the way I function.

Check them out here, and just to let you know, this is not a sponsored post! Working with them, I really liked the concept and so I came up with an idea of reviewing its listed cafes. So in case, one of these days you want a CHANGE to nail that god damn project , you can head out to one of these.

Starting tomorrow! 

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