7 Ways to have a ‘Different’ Birthday This Year

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While throwing a fancy brunch or a wild night-out on your birthday makes for a perfect picture album, it mostly leaves you with an insatiable longing. Feisty preparations, dressing up and anxiety concerning the guests list hardly leaves time to sink in the realization that it’s YOUR day.

Which is why in the recent years, I have come to do it differently. Here are seven awesome ways to count your day as ‘special’.

1. Make a vision board


While I’m not much of a long-term planner, I am a self-confessed dreamer. Putting out your crazy dreams on a piece of paper makes more sense than forgetting them in a haze of day-dreaming. When you see your thoughts in tangible ways, somewhere you will not only start believing but will start working for its manifestation too.

What’s a better day than your birthday to make way for your dreams to come true?

Go here to find out how you can make a cool vision board this year. Alternatively, you can simply take pictures of your GOALS and make a collage of them on your phone/iPad/laptops. This is what I did last year. While some say you should make it your wallpaper, I believe you should hide it away in some folder. This way, it doesn’t fret you every day and the ‘Law Of Attraction’ works it way easily.

2. Make time for at least one activity you’ve been putting off for long


Watch a play, spend time at a cafe or just go for a vacation. It’s your day and you got to prioritize what you’ve been putting on the back-burner for so long. Birthday parties, unfortunately, end up being more about the guests than the one celebrating their birthday.

What’s a better day than your birthday to take make time for yourself?

Try saving up an entire year to gift yourself something you deem productive. I saved my salary to gift myself a Macbook and undoubtedly it was the most productive investment. Alternatively, keep some birthdays reserve for an occasional splurge on things you wouldn’t buy otherwise. Rumi’s fat red book of magical poems has already booked its place for my next birthday.

3. Adopt


Go out there and adopt some fruity plants, tree, a pet or even a child’s education. Birthdays are a reminder that you are growing and adoption gives you a feeling of responsibility.

What’s a better day than your birthday to gift yourself the realization that everything that grows is prettier?

I got a strawberry plant last year and for whatever few months it was there, it was so delightful to see it change color everyday. Right now, I am having an absolutely beautiful time watching my guava tree grow every day. Honestly, I can’t wait to see it bear fruits as its juicy pulp reminds me of my childhood.

4. Make a gratitude list


Such is the misery of life – we freeze happy moments in pictures and bury tough ones under soaked pillows. A gratitude list will be an insightful reflection on the times you braved out of your dark place; thanks to some people or circumstances.

What’s a better day than your birthday to be thankful for all that you got, and even what you didn’t? Thank God!

Digging out events to be thankful about will make you absorb how far you’ve come in these 365 days. Needless to say, it will give you a sweet smile – almost indispensable for this day.

5. Make a difference, as little as that may be


While birthdays are beautiful to be thankful about what we got, it’s also a wonderful day to give back a little to the world. Donate some grains or notebooks in charity, offer some water to the needy or go ahead and make some sandwiches like me for little kids on the street.

What’s a better day than your birthday to exchange chocolates and smiles?

There’s no guarantee that it will change their life. But that one smile they will give you will make you feel fulfilled in ways I can’t describe.

6. Start a Ritual

This is a reminder that nomatter how crappy a day has been, there will always be one thing which made you happy. And even though I had been wanting to start this ritual since quite some time, my birthday this year made me do it. I cannot wait to see it full with happy reminders of all 365 days. The thing is, your happiness is in your own hands; both metaphorically and literally speaking 🙂 #Day1of365 . . Inspiration credits: my favourite @elizabeth_gilbert_writer ❤ . . . #birthday #rituals #happiness #barrfii #jarofhappiness #newyear #love #happinessjar #consciousliving #breathein #positivevibes #writers #pisces #blogger #behappy #light #goodvibes #makehappiness #workonyourself #littlethings

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I think as we age, the excitement of birthdays die away. Sooner than later, we start seeing birthdays as an ugly reminder of how old we look or how not-at-all far we’ve come in life.

What’s  a better day than your birthday to throw yourself a challenge?

If you start something on this day, chances are you will always have exciting reasons to be happy about. If you are thinking to start a business, a blog or even cultivating a habit like yoga or maintaining a journal – keep this day reserved for it. I cannot be proud enough for starting this blog on my birthday. This year, I started the Happiness Jar and so far it’s been adding so much richness to my each day.

7. Replace 20-second birthday calls with 10-minutes of conversation

That insane rush of switching calls was exciting only in my teen years. Now, it leaves me empty when all calls end up at 10 minutes past 12 with conversation starting and ending with ‘Happy Birthday’ and ‘I’ll call later, getting another call!”

With technology leaving our conversations to mere WatsApp, birthdays are still one of those sacred days to receive a call. Spend some time to talk to them rather than rushing to go off to your party or attend another one.

What’s  a better day than your birthday to feel blessed to have gems of people in your life?


Birthdays need not be a big deal. For me, they have never been. But these unconventional ways over the years have undoubtedly made me remember my year with fondness.

Birthday is a start of your own personal new year. They need to add a day of value to your life – and not wasted in a memory evaporated. After all, if not for this day, none of all which you are would make any sense.


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  1. niks01 says:

    I have read many to do articles for birthdays, but this one was the most refreshing!


    1. Great! I am glad you liked it 🙂


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