A Graph To Explain And Seek Joy {2 min read}

I have been such a sad sad person. For me, self-love and happiness were sorta selfish and unreachable.


This was basically because I agreed with the fact that we all believe in . 

Brooding is our constant state, happiness only comes in phases.

And what’s worse, any time that we spend longer in happiness, it starts to make us feel ”guilty”!

barrf1 (3)

I felt it today. It came whispering slowly – why am I not worried? Why am I not fretting about my life? Am I not being responsible? Am I taking things for granted? Am I selfish? How can I be happy? Content? Whoa, something’s definitely not up. 

And this is when I realized how badly we have conditioned ourselves. I am currently reading a book called “Joy On Demand” by Chade-Meng Tan and there’s a portion which says how things changed for the author when he made joy his constant and sadness the phase instead of the opposite. Basically, he simply changed his perspective.

Joy Joy Sad Joy Joy Joy.. . Instead of what we all do, Sad sad sad sad oh joy sad sad… 🐣

He raised the baseline from sad

SAD (1)

To Joy


And so, this way, you never get to fall too low on the vibration scale even when you’re sad. The “Joy” becomes our constant with occasional phases of sadness which soon spring up back to the joy baseline.

Of course, going up high on the scale is not a matter of plain talk. It takes efforts – everyday little efforts – to raise our baseline from 10 to 30. Unfortunately, joy has to be created instead of waiting for ultimate external things to happen. Fortunately, once we practice, learn and nail it, it’s as natural as breathing.

There has been such a bittersweet conditioning that I admit it’s not easy to “be happy”. Right from telling us that happiness doesn’t exist (life toh aisi hi hoti hai yaar) to the fact how society judges us, perceives us when we take “efforts” to be happy (depression hai?).

Excuse me?

I don’t think there’s anything more honoring than taking efforts for yourself. My happiness is directly proportional to my ability to make people around me happy.

So, EFFORTS= My happiness = (You+You+You+You…) X Happy

Efforts are simply conscious actions on our part to appreciate and value life ten times more. We have fallen so deep down on the vibrational scale that it’ll definitely take our efforts to get us back on track. So ideally, these efforts are only obvious things we should be doing.

But despite all, I think the fight is worth it! Rich, famous and an inspirational Youtuber, iisuperwomanii once said that it’s only happiness worth fighting for – and I truly truly believe in it.


  1. Start your day in Sunshine
  2. Water plants
  3. Carry a little diary
  4. Make yourself breakfast once in a while
  5. Make list of your favourite things
  6. Go on a walk and smell the roses
  7. Smile at your peon, your colleagues, your neighbour . . YOURSELF
    .and there will be zillion other ways which give YOU joy. Find that out, it’ll give you some more joy!

Slow and steady, without any shame, happy everyday🐝


. . .

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Shrikant says:

    Very helpful blog especially for me atleast when there is so much stress in life. Keep posting stuffs like these.
    A happy follower 😁


    1. Thanks Shrikant 🙂


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