5 Steps To Bring You At Peace When Your Mind Refuses To Shut Up

Anxiety is not as much as a disorder as an emotion we all feel from time to time. Some feel an awful lot of it, some feel a bit of it and some claim they don’t feel it at all. Now I don’t buy the latter. You probably don’t know the definition of anxiety, but your claim is absolutely fallacious. Unfortunately, anxiety is inevitable.

Nevertheless, we all know it’s awfully uncomfortable. You foresee tomorrow like there’s no today and your brain feels on the verge of explosion. Your palms get sweaty, your gut feels sick and the earth beneath holds no power. If I have to describe the feeling in one line I’d say, “out of control”.  

Craaazzzzyyyy is the feeling.

#Anxiety, Hello old friend. I have known you for so long that you feel like second skin to me. You have always been there with me- In the elevator, in the classroom, in my office, with my friends, on the stage, in the middle of the traffic and even in those sleepless nights. How can I forget how you teamed up with my imagination to freak my logic out only to give me 100 different worst case scenarios making my heart shudder with fear! How can I forget how you'd make me burst into tears making me wonder What went wrong.You made me fear going out or even speaking. I am not even kidding when I say you made me think ten times before I could ask the waiter for a glass of water! You made me react to things in a way which was definitely an over reaction. But I didn't even know that then. I thought well, this is me. Shy, scared and introvert. But you know what? Thank you too. You made me realize it's only us who have the power to change our circumstances. Yes, the days and nights have been shattering. But today I choose not to post about you on my blog but something that you made me reach out to learn, dig and apply. With practice and patience, we can work miracles in our lives. This is something which I still apply whenever I smell that dark night coming to me. Anxiety is not as much a disorder as an emotion which some feel a lot, some a lot less. Nevertheless we all feel it and it's uncomfortable. But just being aware of it, we can tackle it so much better. And I am so proud of myself that I'm eligible of writing this today because you know what was wrong only when you're on the other side. I know peace and that's why I know what is anxiety. I can feel the difference in my everyday life when I am in the elevator, in the theater, with my friends, in the traffic or even in those nights. I know it because I love going out and sitting in a cafe not shying away from having a casual conversation with either the waiter or someone sitting next to me. Oh man, it's a deal! I just feel so much closer to me. All thanks to those days when I wanted to sleep in and nights I wanted to stay up. 5 steps for peace when mind won't shut up on the blog. Link in the bio🐝

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Having been one of its best friends, I deem myself eligible to write this post. I am also very proud to say it nomore hits me that bad. Infact, I have developed quite some skills in smelling bae from afar. And so, diligently I take my efforts before it strikes havoc in my day.

Here are five sweet steps for the days your brain refuses to pop innumerable what ifs and your heart skips too many a beat.


As obvious as it sounds, it is not. We forget to breathe!

And so, whenever you feel the restlessness, the best thing to do is move to a couch or a nearby window and BREATHE. I don’t mean you to take deep breaths, just breathe from your stomach and you’ll notice how shallow your breath has been all this while. Keep the other hand on your heart and feel the beat. Stay still for at least a minute.

Watch this video to know exactly what I am talking about. She starts breathing at 4:13


While you focussed on your breath for a minute, stay still and go on listening to the slow noise around. The buzzing bee, the noise of the fan or AC, that honking from outside or the occasional crow chirping, notice it all – even the sound of your own breath and your heart. Give this another minute of utter attention.

03. SEE

Two minutes into it, now you open your eyes – if you hadn’t all this while. Watch the ceiling above and the wall around. Hover your eyes to the lights and its twinkling effect. Watch the pile of books or magazines in front of you.. don’t read the text just observe the colors and its flow. Do this with various objects around you. Absorb each texture, pattern and color in your environment for good one minute. 

04. FEEL

Feel the temperature in the air. Feel the touch of your shirt on your skin. Feel your toes in your shoes. Then feel the ground beneath. This is the ground which goes deeper than what you see – down to the soft mud, warm soil, roots intertwined and the ultimate source of Earth which gives you food, water, air.  Do you feel how all those elements are right here with you? Feel all of it. 

This act is called grounding meditation. You can read more about it here in case you want to try this exclusively sometime. 

05. MAKE

Make a cup of tea or perhaps an art. Doodle something. Fill in a blank sheet of paper. Make a paper boat, maybe. Or an airplane. Just MAKE something – from start to the end. Spend three minutes at least on it. 

You may think it distracts you, but on the contrary, studies have shown that it can take you from a frazzled state to a more focused one. When that happens, thousands of whirling thoughts dissolve to one or two.

By the end of it, mostly you’ll realize there was hardly much to worry about. Perhaps, you find your answers.  Perhaps,  you don’t. But all I can assure is you’d feel so much more in balance, in control and in your own power.

I have often heard myself saying,”You know something? It’s not that bad. I can take care of it. Zindagi gulzaar hai!”

I will be honest. This 5-step guide is nothing but my version of meditation. Often we think of meditation as one big fancy word. But the truth is, it is really basic and as flexible as you want to make it. It’s just about coming back to the present moment. Various studies have successfully proven meditation to be helpful in easing not just emotional pain but physical pain too. More details on the topic for future posts!

Hope it helped you in some way. Did it? 🙂

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  1. Akhil Khosla says:

    It did.. Pretty relatable. Good going.

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    1. Awesome! Thank you Akhil!! 🙂


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