Review: Working At”The Classroom” Is A Major Throwback to School Days

Peeled walls, scribbled tables and chalked blackboard – “The classroom” is a perfect recipe for nostalgia.

Positioned in the hub of Gurgaon, this comes across as one of the nice places to work from. While I love the energy of regular cafes, I think a place with quirks and bits make a place all the more inspiring and creative. The Classroom is just that.

A two storey building with a basement and terrace, it has a sturdy looking staircase which majorly reminds you of your school corridors.  Its walls are scribbled with FLAMES and mid-school jokes on crackers and pencils. The tables have peeled off wood and the walls have got dirt plastered – just like our quintessential Indian schools. The most interesting aspect is their lights. They hang from the ceiling right into Science textbooks. So basically, there are hanging textbooks and tell me, ’twas kinda your dream.

When it comes to food, for good or for bad, it’s as basic and as interesting as our school canteen. There are, of course, plenty of options to choose from, but what stands out is its peculiar taste which literally time traveled me back to the days.

For someone like me, this was in deed an interesting place to muse and work. The cafe can improve a bit in terms of its staff, but then again, nothing too bad. In short, it’s something unique and deserves an atleast a visit for its concept.  While every millennial will love it for its school essence, the DIPsites are gonna fall in love with it as the place seems to majorly be inspired by its logo, green theme and likes.

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