Review: Coffee Machines, People and buzzing Ideas, Qahwa Is the perfect ‘Work’ Cafe

There are few places I adore for their artistic decors, creative interiors, and tranquil ambiance. They are great to daydream, wander, relax and maybe write a story from your La La dreamLand.

But then there are places where you wouldn’t want to zone out unless you are listening to an inspiring podcast or working relentlessly on a project. This is the place which keeps your eyes peeled to laughter spilling out of conversations and ears to perky ideas.

Qahwa diner cafe has had an old sitting in SDA market opposite IIT. Yet, I never saw it as busy and overflowing as it is today. There are few chit chatters and more people working on their laptops or the good old loyal diary.

The interiors are as basic as you’d like a work place to be. Except, of course, that they have used straw baskets as ceiling lamps and red paintings encrypted with Urdu texts on their gray walls – because remember it’s called Qahwa? The essence of Kashmir doesn’t reflect as deeply in their food menu- except the Qahwa – but then again, would you complain much since you are not out on a dine out but rather to get your productivity juices running. Plenty of quick fix options to choose from apart from quintessential waffles, pancakes and coffee.


Come to this place when you desperately need that little background coffee machines churn to buzz you up. Come to this place when you want to see people actively hustling in real time. Come to this place when you are on a deadline.

I will admit Qahwa is becoming my go-to-place.

Check more about it on zomato. 

Location: SDA Market, opposite IIT
South Delhi.

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